Cricket’s Toughest Moments: Unveiling the Lowest Scores in ODI History

Welcome to the intriguing world of Cricket, where the clash between bat and ball unfolds in a tapestry of highs and lows.


Welcome to the intriguing world of Cricket, where the clash between bat and ball unfolds in a tapestry of highs and lows. In this dynamic sport, etched with moments of brilliance and sheer determination, we explore one of its most challenging facets – the pursuit of runs and the struggle against recording the lowest scores in ODI International cricket. Explore the grit and challenges in cricket’s toughest moments as we unveil the lowest scores in ODI history. Witness the resilience of teams in the face of adversity, and discover how these moments can reshape your fantasy cricket experience. Dive into the action with the TFG app – where every historic low score becomes an opportunity to strategize and win. Ready for the challenge? Download the TFG app now and elevate your fantasy cricket journey!

Lowest Scores in ODI Cricket

With its innate unpredictability and captivating narratives, Cricket encapsulates the essence of uncertainty that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. Amidst the breathtaking boundaries and exhilarating wickets, a facet of the game exemplifies the fierce contest between batters and bowlers – the relentless pursuit of runs and the consequential struggle to avoid recording the lowest scores in One Day International (ODI) cricket.

In the vast and storied history of Cricket, teams have faced moments of immense pressure, where the art of scoring runs collides with the daunting challenge of steering clear of the record for the lowest ODI total. It is within these moments that the true character of players, both with bat and ball, is revealed. The pursuit of setting a substantial sum becomes a strategic battle, a game within the game, as teams navigate the complexities of opposition bowling attacks and challenging pitch conditions.

As we embark on this journey into the heart of lowest scores in ODI cricket, we turn the pages of the record books to unearth instances where teams grapple with the weight of expectations and the unrelenting pressure to establish a respectable total. These moments define the resilience and tenacity required to navigate through the unforgiving landscape of lowest scores in ODI international cricket, where every run becomes a hard-fought achievement, and every wicket taken is a testament to the prowess of the bowling side.

Lowest Scores in Fantasy ODI Cricket

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The Record-Breakers: Unearthing the Lowest Scores in ODI Cricket

The lowest run total is one of the more embarrassing records in the World Cup and serves as a cautionary reminder for other teams. It’s mostly the less-popular teams like Canada and Namibia that have been on the receiving end of the ODI bowlers and were forced to depart for humiliating run scores. However, strong teams and ICC members like Bangladesh and Pakistan have also registered some of the lowest ICC World Cup totals.

  • Canada tops the list with a shockingly low score of 36 against Sri Lanka in the 2003 edition of the World Cup. Prabath Nissanka scored a four-wicket haul, conceding only 12 runs in 7 overs. Sri Lanka chased the 37-run target within 4.4 overs.
TeamScoreOversInningsOppositionMatch Date
Sri Lanka8637.21West Indies7 Jun 1975
East Africa128602New Zealand7 Jun 1975
East Africa12055.31India11 Jun 1975
East Africa9452.32England14 Jun 1975
England9336.21Australia18 Jun 1975
Canada4540.31England13 Jun 1979
Canada10533.21Australia16 Jun 1979
Australia12938.22India20 Jun 1983
Pakistan7440.21England1 Mar 1992
England12549.12Zimbabwe18 Mar 1992
West Indies9335.22Kenya29 Feb 1996
Bangladesh11637.41New Zealand17 May 1999
Sri Lanka11035.22South Africa19 May 1999
England103412South Africa22 May 1999
Scotland6831.31West Indies27 May 1999
West Indies11046.41Australia30 May 1999
Scotland12142.11New Zealand31 May 1999
Zimbabwe12340.32Pakistan11 Jun 1999
Bangladesh120282Canada11 Feb 2003
Bangladesh12431.11Sri Lanka14 Feb 2003
India12541.41Australia15 Feb 2003
Namibia8417.42Pakistan16 Feb 2003
Canada3618.41Sri Lanka19 Feb 2003
Netherlands12230.22Australia20 Feb 2003
Bangladesh10835.11South Africa22 Feb 2003
Namibia45142Australia27 Feb 2003
Kenya10435.52West Indies4 Mar 2003
Sri Lanka109232India10 Mar 2003
New Zealand11230.12Australia11 Mar 2003
Bermuda7824.42Sri Lanka15 Mar 2007
Netherlands12926.52Australia18 Mar 2007
Zimbabwe9919.12Pakistan21 Mar 2007
Bangladesh112372Sri Lanka21 Mar 2007
Ireland91301Australia13 Apr 2007
Ireland7727.41Sri Lanka18 Apr 2007
Kenya6923.51New Zealand20 Feb 2011
Canada12236.52Sri Lanka20 Feb 2011
Kenya11233.12Pakistan23 Feb 2011
Netherlands11531.32West Indies28 Feb 2011
Canada12342.12Zimbabwe28 Feb 2011
Netherlands12034.52South Africa3 Mar 2011
Bangladesh5818.51West Indies4 Mar 2011
Bangladesh78282South Africa19 Mar 2011
West Indies11243.31Pakistan23 Mar 2011
England12333.21New Zealand20 Feb 2015
U.A.E.10231.31India28 Feb 2015
Pakistan10521.41West Indies31 May 2019
Afghanistan12534.11South Africa15 Jun 2019
Netherlands90212Australia25 Oct 2023
England12934.52India29 Oct 2023
Sri Lanka5519.42India2 Nov 2023
South Africa8327.12India5 Nov 2023

Cricket’s Toughest Moments: When Teams Struggled to Find Runs in ODIs

Cricket’s history is not just about high-scoring encounters and dazzling centuries; it is also marked by the struggles teams face to avoid recording the lowest scores in ODI cricket. These instances testify to the relentless pressure both batsmen and bowlers endure internationally.

In the ever-evolving drama of Cricket, these instances stand as a testament to the unforgiving nature of the sport on the international stage. Both batsmen and bowlers face relentless pressure as they navigate challenging situations, where runs become a precious commodity, and the battle for survival takes precedence over the pursuit of striking strokes.

As we marvel at the breathtaking sixes and elegant cover drives, let’s not forget the resilience needed to navigate challenging times when runs are hard to come by. The lowest scores in ODI cricket serve as a stark reminder that, in this sport, every delivery can rewrite the record books and etch triumph and tribulation into the memory of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

These low-scoring encounters are a stark reminder that in the dynamic sport of Cricket, where uncertainties loom large, every ball bowled carries the potential to rewrite the record books. The lowest scores in ODI cricket etch both triumph and tribulation into the collective memory of cricket enthusiasts worldwide, creating a narrative that extends beyond the boundaries and scorecards. In these moments of struggle, the players’ true character shines through, leaving an enduring imprint on the captivating and unpredictable ODI cricket journey.


In the dynamic world of Cricket, where every match unfolds as a captivating chapter in a novel, the struggle to avoid recording the lowest scores in ODI cricket stands as a testament to the sport’s inherent challenges. As we reflect on these tough moments, it becomes clear that Cricket’s beauty lies not only in the towering sixes and masterful centuries but also in the resilience exhibited by teams when runs are hard to come by.

The record-breaking instances we’ve explored, from Canada’s valiant effort against Sri Lanka to Zimbabwe’s challenging encounter with the same formidable opponent, and the struggles faced by teams like Namibia, the West Indies, and Canada throughout cricketing history, are etched into the narrative of the sport. These moments transcend mere statistics; they embody the spirit of determination, the relentless pursuit of excellence, and the unpredictable nature of Cricket.

As cricket enthusiasts, we often find ourselves immersed in the excitement of dazzling strokes and strategic bowling. Still, it’s crucial to appreciate the game’s nuances during its most challenging moments. The lowest scores in ODI cricket serve as poignant reminders that, in this ever-evolving sport, every delivery carries the potential to shape destinies, rewrite records, and etch unforgettable stories into the collective memory of fans worldwide.

So, as we witness breathtaking boundaries and elegant cover drives, let’s celebrate the resilience teams showcase during their struggles. The struggle to avoid recording the lowest scores in ODIs adds a layer of complexity to Cricket, making it a sport where triumph and tribulation coexist and where the journey is as significant as the destination.

Ultimately, Cricket’s most challenging moments remind us that, beyond the numbers and statistics, the heart of the sport beats with the indomitable spirit of those who face adversity head-on. Whether it’s the thrill of triumph or the sting of defeat, each match contributes to the timeless narrative of Cricket, which continues to captivate and inspire fans across the globe.

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